Diners Club CASHBACK Credit Card

Diners Club CASHBACK Credit Card


Enjoy earning up to 5% Cash Rebate for all eligible spending#!

Spending Tiers Cash Rebate Percentage
First $0 to $149.99 0%
Next $150 to $299.99 3%
Next $300 and up 5%

Diners Club CASHBACK Credit Card Spending Charts

*Spending is based on transactions processed by Diners Club (based on posting date from merchants) from the 1st day to the last day of every calendar month (in Singapore Dollars, unless otherwise stated). Cash rebates earned are capped at S$50, and reflected in the same month’s Statement of Accounts (SoA), i.e. cash rebates will be reflected on January 2021 SoA for all eligible spending from 1st to 31st January 2021. Please refer overleaf for the full Terms and Conditions.

  • Diners Club’s CASHBACK CARD (hereby known as the “Card”) awards the cardmember (“CM”) up to 5% cash rebate when cardmember, including supplementary cardmember(s), use the Card based on the terms below.
  • Cash rebate is awarded only on all transactions except for transactions listed in Clause 4 below made on the Card. For clarity, the date the transaction charged may not be the same as the date the transaction is posted due to factors including but not limited to processing time and differences in time zones (if applicable), i.e. transactions made on the Card on 30th September 2020 but yet to be posted to the Card account by the Statement of Accounts (“SoA”) date will not be taken into account in the computation of cash rebate earned for that month.
  • Cash rebates are computed on a monthly basis based on the 1st calendar to last calendar day of every month and will be calculated based on two decimal places for every eligible transaction without any rounding off. Cash rebates will be credited to your SoA statement in the same month (For transactions posted from 1 to 30 September, Cash rebates will be calculated and credited on the same SoA, i.e. September SoA. For clarity, this SoA will be available for CMs’ access in our Web/sent to CMs who opted for Paper SOA in Oct). Cash rebate(s) will be automatically offset against billed amount. Cash rebate(s) earned by your supplementary cardmember(s) of the Card will be credited into the principal cardmember’s SoA.
  • #For the purpose of computing the cash rebate(s) eligibility of the CM based on such CM’s spendings, the following charges and/or fees and/or entries as reflected in the monthly SoA for the promotion period shall not be classified as spendings of the CM: a) Entrance and/ or subscription and/or renewal fees; b) Service charges and/or late payment charges; c) All disputed charges unresolved as at DCS’s processing date of the monthly SoA during the promotion period; d) All debit and credit journal entries; e) Casino/access charges and/or cheque encashing charges; f) Stolen/lost/fraud Card charges; g) AXS bill payments; h) Road Tax payment; i) All transactions at LTA; j) All transactions at Singapore Post; k) 0% Interest-free Instalment Payment Plan (also known as BNPL, or Buy-Now- Pay-Later); l) ReadyCA$H; m) DCA$H; n) Balance Transfer.
  • Notwithstanding Clause 4, Diners Club Singapore reserves the right to determine the eligibility of a charge incurred by the CM as spending for the purpose of cash rebate issuance.
  • Refunded transactions will be deducted from the relevant monthly billed amount for the computation and award of cash rebate(s). Any reversed portion of the cash rebate(s) earned will be reflected in the next month’s SoA.
  • Diners Club Singapore reserves the right to amend, withdraw, subtract, re-calculate and/or cancel any cash rebate(s) awarded if CM fails to make successful payment for the minimum payment due as reflected on the monthly SoA, misuse or exploit the cash rebate program or for any other reason that Diners Club Singapore may deem fit in our sole discretion. CM will not be entitled to any payment or compensation in respect of such amendment, withdrawal, subtraction, re-calculation and/or cancellation.
  • Diners Club Singapore is not liable for any failure or delay in the transmission of a transaction by any party (including but not limited to merchant establishments) for whatsoever reason, including any late submission of any transaction by the merchant.
  • In the event that your Card account is delinquent, terminated or suspended for any reason whatsoever before the cash rebate is credited into your Card account, Diners Club Singapore reserves the right to forfeit the cash rebate in our sole discretion without prior notice.
  • Diners Club reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions (Cash Rebate) at any time with prior notice.
  • By using the Card, you are deemed to accept the Terms and Conditions (Cash Rebate).
  • These Terms and Conditions are in conjunction with our Cards Terms & Conditions (refer to https://www.dinersclub.com.sg/cards-tnc ).
  • Information is correct during time of printing.



  • Free Insurance Coverage for Regular Credit Cardmembers: Up to S$1 million personal accident protection, S$250,000 on-flight personal accident insurance and travel inconvenience reimbursement.
  • Earn Club Rewards Points when you spend with your CASHBACK Card to redeem for FREE gifts, shopping/dining vouchers & air miles. (S$1 = 1 point). No expiry to your Club Rewards Points.
  • Access into more than 1,000 Airport Lounges in major cities worldwide; including Changi Airport Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4. Basic Cardholder enjoys one complimentary access per year.

*Terms & conditions apply



Diners Club CASHBACK Credit Card

For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents:
Minimum income of S$30,000p.a.
OR S$15,000p.a. (age 55 & above)

For Foreigners:
Minimum income of S$80,000p.a.

Age: 21 to 65 years old

Documents: Copy of NRIC and income documents*

Diners Club CASHBACK S$500 Limit Card

For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents:
Minimum income of S$16,000p.a.
(except students and NSFs)

Age: 18 to 65 years old
For applicants age below 21, Parent’s / Guardian’s consent is required

Documents: Copy of NRIC and income documents*

Not applicable for existing Diners Club Basic Cardholders



Diners Club CASHBACK Credit Card

Annual Fee:
Basic Card: S$58;
Supplementary Card: S$38

Minimum Payment:
5% of outstanding balance or S$50 (whichever is greater), or the full amount if below S$50; plus all past due amount and any amount exceeding Credit Limit

Fee & Charges for
Diners Club Credit Card

Diners Club CASHBACK S$500 Limit Card

Annual Fee:
S$28 per year

Credit Limit:
S$500 (fixed)

Minimum Payment:
Total outstanding balance or S$50 (whichever is lower), plus all past due amount and any amount exceeding Credit Limit

Fee & Charges for Diners Club
$500 Limit Credit Card



Diners Club CASHBACK Credit Card

Diners Club CASHBACK S$500 Limit Card

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